Why Pen & OIM joined forces 

Delegated authority specialist OIM Underwriting has joined forces with Pen Underwriting to create a single, cohesive underwriting agency.

The OIM teams offer the same commitment to our partners but are now known as Pen Delegated Solutions. The things which matter haven’t changed:

· We’re committed to continuing to meet our award winning service levels
· To supporting your underwriting performance
· And continuing to find ways to help your business grow sustainably

So what is different? We chose Pen because its culture – and name - are synonymous with what we do, so joining forces means we can do more. Together, our combined scale gives our specialist expertise greater breadth and depth, which means new ways to drive the best in class products and ratings.

Plus our partners now have a choice about how to trade with us, and we will be able to pass on that expertise – to offer our partners a suite of trading solutions to use with their clients: from e-Solutions and delegated authorities for volume business through to specialty products for hard to find placements.

And as time moves on, we’ll keep developing what we offer so that that Pen Underwriting is a place where business can flourish.

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