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What is Pen Underwriting?

In 2014, Pen Underwriting brought together some of the best known and most respected underwriters in the UK – Dallas Kirkland, e-Underwriting, Evolution, Ink, IRS, Keelan Westall, OAMPS, OIM, Think, Vela, Woodbrook, Zennor and the environmental consultancy OHES – to create a single, cohesive business offering underwriting with a difference.

Why choose Pen?

Because we have been built with a clear aim in mind – we are here to support the people we do business with at every point.

Everything we do is delivered by experienced teams that understand how to add value for our capacity partners, policy holders and broker partners.

We offer products which are niche and difficult to source elsewhere and we give our brokers a choice about how to trade with us; many of our products are available e-traded, personally underwritten and via a delegated authority.

Doing business with Pen

We want to make it easy to do business with us. To find out how to set up a trading agreement with Pen click here.

When you trade with Pen you will see that many of our documents are branded Pen but, because we brought several underwriters together, some of our policy documents, statements of facts etc. will carry our legacy brands until integration is fully complete. Click here for our Legal and Regulatory Information

Get in touch

You can find an overview of our capabilities on our site but if you want to find out more and you're interested in doing business with us, get in touch.