What's next? 

What’s next?

At Pen, we wanted to do more than create another underwriter. We know that business today needs a new approach if it is to build resilience, manage risk and thrive.

There is a clear desire in the industry to do more, not less. Greater capacity, different distribution and innovative technology will be just some of the elements needed to drive and deliver strong returns in the years ahead.

We will continue to innovate but recognise that our aim to operate as a ‘virtual insurer’ increases complexity which demands effective oversight. It is why we are investing in governance so that Pen offers robust underwriting long into the future.

The needs of today are unlikely to be those of tomorrow which is why we draw not only on deep sector expertise but also rely on data to analyse and anticipate trends. Our dedication to adding value at each stage of the insurance lifecycle also translates into expert claims handling, a vital consideration when policy holders face a time of crisis.

It is all part of our commitment as we seek to evolve and expand our offer. We want our clients to continue to benefit from sustainable and positive returns, no matter how the risk landscape will change.

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