e-Trading has a reputation for playing it safe, but that isn’t Pen’s approach

Our infrastructure is designed to help business flow

Extranets have become standard in the insurance industry - but we don't believe in just delivering "standard".

We know brokers value efficiency, but because you also value differentiation, our e-traded products are always innovative, niche or both.

Because we go beyond the ordinary, our appeal lies in our underwriting; we design products for risks that other companies can’t or won’t accommodate.

Our non-standard products can be found on industry software houses, because we know our brokers rely on them for the widest choice of products and back office support.

We don’t just build products for industry software houses however; we also build for our partners’ own bespoke systems.

All our products are designed and supported by underwriters, so we know that the products we build will sell.

We want to move away from similarity, and work in markets where only specialists operate.

Our uniqueness, breadth and depth are why people want to work with us. As a result, we create unique builds for intermediaries of all shapes and sizes, from the smallest and most niche through to household brands; these partners turn to us for products for the hard to place, the one-offs, even the unheard of.

We’ve also used our knowledge of bespoke builds to design our own system. Our easy-to-use quote and bind platform, Pen Central offers a range specialist products, plus it’s exceptionally intuitive and easy to use.

Together we are building a place where business can flourish

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